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ALK Positive UK produce and collect information via leaflets and booklets for use by patients of ALK-positive lung cancer, healthcare professionals and researchers in the field. 

Below you will find our resources available for download. If you wish to order hard copies of certain documents, please get in touch with us.

Capture complaints.PNG
A Guide to complaining to the NHS

A guide to complaining about substandard treatment in the NHS

Capture Perspective.JPG
Good Practice
What to Ask

The purpose of this document is to empower patients to be involved in and better informed about their treatment

FAQ Pic.png
Brain Mets
& Driving

This document has been produced by our DVLA panel to answer many questions about brain mets and driving.

Newletter pic.JPG
March 2021

The second newsletter from ALK Positive UK.

ALK Knowledge

A useful Facebook resource.

Capture chemo.PNG
About Chemotherapy

NHS guidance including managing side effects.

Screenshot biomarkers.jpg

An easy-to-understand  guide to biomarker testing.

Pleural Effusions video.jpg


A series of short videos about pleural effusion

Mental health image tile.PNG
Mental Health infographic

ALK+ Lung Cancer UK's infographic on mental health.

Screenshot essay.jpg
Molecular Mechanisms and Treatment Strategies

A guide to molecular mechanisms and treatment strategies aimed at a general audience.

Roy Castle
Travel Advice

Advice on travel and going on holiday.  List of Insurers on p32

Gift Aid Declaration.PNG
Gift Aid Declaration

This form has been produced by ALK Positive UK to support fundraising activities.

ALK+ Infographic

This infographic has been produced by ALK Positive UK..


Research Library of the ALK Positive USA Group

Capture nuvalent.PNG
Clinical Trial

Clinical trials currently recruiting in UK

Capture DNA.PNG
Do Not
Resuscitate orders

This guidance has been produced by the Charity's Medical & Scientific Panel

Capture fertility.PNG
Fertility and Cancer

An advice leaflet from NHS Scotland about fertility and cancer.

The Conference

All the videos of 11 speakers at the UK Conference plus what the delegates had to say

January Newsletter.PNG
February 2020

The first newsletter from ALK Positive UK.

cancer diets.jpg
Cancer Diets
Myths & More

Advice from the Association of British Dietitians

Screenshot Guidelines.jpg
Need for National Guidelines

This report uses data provided by patients to argue for national guidelines in treatment and management

Longitudinal Study

Members are asked to complete the study being carried out by ALK Positive Inc 

Screenshot Role of supprt groups.jpg
Joint report with the EGFR group

This study examines the value and role of oncogene-focussed patient groups

RSF Resources.png
Ruth Strauss Foundation

Access Family Support Services from Ruth Strauss Foundation.

RCLCF Pic.jpg


Useful Booklet produced by Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Fundraising Pack.PNG

This brochure has been produced by ALK Positive 
UK for fundraising activities.

Sponsorship Form.PNG
Sponsorship Form

This form has been produced by ALK Positive UK to support fundraising activities.

Medical Information Summary.PNG
Medical Info

This form has been produced by ALK Positive UK to capture important medical information.

Alk Summit pic.jpeg
ALK+ Summit

Summary of Alk+ Summit 2020

Denver USA.

Patient Booklet pic 1.JPG
ALK+ Patient Booklet

This booklet has been produced by ALK Positive UK for patients, their families and friends.

Screenshot brochure.jpg
Corporate Brochure

All about the ALK Positive UK charity - who we are and what we do

Screenshot side effects.jpg
Side Effects
of certain TKIs

Side Effects reported by members of the ALK Positive UK Group

Newsletter screenshot.png
March 2022

The third Newsletter from ALK Positive UK

Screenshot 2021-09-26 014027.png
An Overview

A brief overview of ALK positive lung cancer from a USA site

Ramon pic.jpeg
The RAMON Study

Radical Management of Advanced NSCLC - report from our Medical & Scientific Advisory Panel.

Capture STTS.PNG
See Through  the Symptoms

A campaign targeted at primary health care providers

second op.png


Advice on obtaining a second opinion.

ALK Leaflet.PNG
ALK Positive UK Leaflet

This leaflet gives an overview of our charity and is available in various languages.

RC Living with LC.png
Roy Castle
Living with LC

Supporting you to make the most of your health and wellbeing.

self care pic.png

Some ideas of how you can look after your physical and mental health

DVLA Guidelines.PNG

This leaflet has been produced by ALK Positive Lung Cancer (UK) to assist patients & oncologists.


This template has been produced by ALK Positive UK for will supplementation.

Capture Trials.PNG
Clinical Trials
in UK

Clinical trials currently recruiting in UK

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