The Trustees
Dr Amanda Sands

I was diagnosed with stage 4 in Oct 17 after a 3 month history of a tight chest and a progressively worsening cough.  I started alectinib (TKI) and within 5 days my cough and shortness of breath started to improve. I joined a gym and began swimming and yoga. In the New Year, I started the NHS "Couch to 5K" running programme. Within 9 weeks, I was running for 30 minutes and then made the decision to run the Manchester 10K to raise money for The Christie Hospital Lung Cancer Research Fund.  I was chosen by The Christie to attend the press call for the event and was lucky enough to meet Sir Mo Farah. I recently climbed Snowdon and have returned to work as a Military GP in London. 

Rebecca Stebbings


I previously worked for the NHS and charity Age U.K. on various health improvement projects. At the very heart of these projects is always the objective to reduce health inequalities. It was only when a loved one was diagnosed with ALK+ lung cancer in 2017, that I became all too aware of the huge disparity in outcomes for lung cancer patients versus many other cancers. My aim is to help ALK+ UK raise awareness on a national level around the reasons for this disparity and challenge the stereotyping of lung cancer patients.  I believe this will contribute significantly to reducing what is currently a tragic inequality in cancer patient outcomes.


Debra Montague



I was previously a Marketing Manager with a pharmaceutical company and worked for them for over 20yrs. I have a 21 year old son and 2 dogs; I am sometimes confused which is better house trained!

I was diagnosed with ALK+ LC  in October 2016, which was a great shock as my only symptom was a cough and I had never smoked. Since diagnosis, I have walked a marathon, did the longest and fastest zip wire in Europe, abseiled down a cathedral and completed a triathlon.

I decided to set up a UK version of the world wide group as we have specific challenges in the UK that we need to focus on. I am looking forward to putting UK ALK+ LC on the map as a patient group that changes the face of lung cancer and ends the stigma.

Graham Lavender


I am a retired former Director of Environmental Health and Housing. I was also Chairman of a of Council of Voluntary Service; Non-Executive Director of a NHS Trust; Lay Advocate for people with learning difficulties and Lay Assessor for Social Services.  Experienced in administration and financial management. Sound knowledge of charity law.

Rachel Sands



I have been a nurse for the past 24 years specialising in women’s health so healthcare has always been a major part of my life. 

One of my many passions in life is to empower people in all aspects of health and well-being, especially nutrition & healthy living. I am a huge believer in holistic & integrated medicine. 

When my sister was diagnosed with ALK Positive lung cancer in October 2017, this was a huge shock to us all. 

Over the past 12 months, I have learnt about the huge disparity in lung cancer awareness, stigma, availability of treatments & research for lung cancer patients. 

I hope by increasing awareness we can really reduce this disparity and really make a difference when dealing with all that is lung cancer.