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ALK Positive Lung Cancer (UK) is a registered charity established by patients and their families and friends. Our purposes are to provide support and advocacy to improve the overall survival and quality of life of ALK Positive lung cancer patients across the United Kingdom. 

We do not offer medical advice, but we have an active Facebook group for patients, family and carers where experiences can be shared. We also hold regular forum meetings throughout the UK that all of our members are invited to. We share information across our social media pages, and we regularly consult with relevant authoritative bodies on the status of ALK+ lung cancer in the UK.

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Our aims

AIM #1

To provide an information resource for UK ALK positive lung cancer patients and provide access to information about the latest developments and clinical trials.

AIM #4

To liaise with and influence decision makers such as NICE, NHS and DVLA.

AIM #2

To identify and locate UK ALK patients and offer support and guidance on the location of UK ALK specialists and services.

AIM #5

To liaise with relevant organisations, in particular the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation and the pharmaceutical industry.

AIM #3

To raise awareness of ALK lung cancer, particularly among medical professionals, so as to promote the best treatment(s) for patients.

AIM #6

To raise funds to advance these aims.

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ALK POSITIVE UK is a registered charity in England and Wales, registration number 1181171

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