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Patient stories


I am Kim, a mum of two beautiful children age 12 and 9 - Skyla and Logan.

I was ‘ill’ for a while before diagnosis. I was 45 as it was almost 2 years ago in May. Family and friends thought there was something wrong but didn’t know what. I couldn’t walk properly or at any speed, I had headaches a lot and towards the end was terribly sick.

I went to the doctors a few times over a few months and was misdiagnosed with gastroenteritis and then depression. They even came to the house. My mum insisted I get booked in for a head scan, but they said no. In the end, I was that bad my mum called an ambulance - straight away the chap said that it was neural. I was


rushed to my local Birmingham hospital - Good Hope - had a scan right away and was told I had a brain lesion! We were all shocked, even though I was out of it and can’t remember much and wouldn’t be here now if I hadn’t gone in that night!

I was then rushed to Birmingham Queen Elizabeth hospital where I was told I have a brain tumour the size of an egg. This was operated on 8 days later - they took 75% of it away- once I woke it was like I had a new lease of life and my brain no longer felt ‘fuzzy’.

During this time, I had a CT scan and a biopsy to be told later on that I had primary stage 4 incurable lung cancer and that it had spread to my Lymph nodes. It was hinted I had a few months to live. Scary is an understatement…

Then I got the ‘good news’ that I had a rare form of lung cancer called ALK positive Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. After that, I entered a trial which helped me for a year and a half.  After cyberknife radiotherapy, my brain tumour that was operated on got swollen which has has caused me problems since.

Since diagnosis, I try to ‘live my best life’ - I went to Cuba with my chap last March, Tenerife with my mum and kids last August. I plan on going to USA for 3 weeks in June and booked Butlins for the kids August.

I remain positive and socialise with friends a lot. My work has been super - I used to work 32 hours across 4 days, but now I work 16 hours across 2 days. The main problem is not being able to drive. For work I use ‘Access To Work’ which contributes towards my commute.

Last year, I also enjoyed doing a ‘Wing Walk’ on one of the hottest days where I managed to raise around £1500. This April, I am doing an abseil so looking forward to that even though I am scared of heights!

My mum has been a god send, as well as my family and friends. I remain positive and am trying to keep fit with walking and swimming.

Sadly, Kim died in November 2020.

Anyone with lungs can get lung cancer.

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